About Coach Zeik

My name is Zeik Molina and I am a fitness professional of 12 years specializing in personaltraining, small and large group training and boot camp style coaching. Originally fromSweetwater, TX out west, I went to college in San Antonio before moving to Austin in 2010.Austin has been my home ever since!I first got into fitness in 2008 while in college as a way to build muscle and lose fat. I was what Icall “skinny fat”, skinny arms and legs with a beer belly. At the time I was really afraid of being“gay bashed” as there had been numerous accounts of gay men being the targets of violence. Iwanted a would-be attacker to look at me and think I probably wasn’t worth the trouble.Although this is what motivated me to start training, I quickly fell in love with fitness and what Iwas learning from my trainer who I trained with for three years and who also became my firstmentor.In 2010 when I moved to Austin I met my second mentor who encouraged me to get my firstpersonal training certification at The Cooper Institute located in Dallas. Once I got that done Istarted personal training and coaching boot camp style classes.I specialize in general weight loss, bodybuilding, functional fitness, weight lifting, strength andconditioning and feel very confident working with anyone of any fitness level. My goal is alwaysto help someone reach their own goals while helping them feel confident in a gym atmosphere.If you want a consistent, professional person to work with, I’m your guy. Let’s get started!