Welcome to Base Camp
Launch your personal journey to peak performance and health.
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We're a community of movers, doers, and shakers...which are you?

We're a band of high-achievers, a tribe of individuals relentlessly chasing better. Here, you'll find the movers carving out their own paths, the doers who turn dreams into realities, and the shakers who disrupt the status quo. Which one are you? It's time to choose your tribe and unleash your potential.

What's included?
Besides the gym being accessible 24/7...

Sauna & Ice | 7am - 8pm

Embrace the ancient wisdom of heat and ice. Detox in our sauna, rejuvenate in our ice plunge— a dance of elements that invigorates, grounds, and readies you for life's challenges.

Classes | Mon - Sat

Experience everything from dynamic HIIT to tranquil yoga, led by expert trainers. It's not just a workout, it's your communal journey to wellness and strength.


Join the Squatch tribe and relish exclusive perks, including discounts and partnerships with local businesses—your Squatch membership extends beyond our gym.
Sauna and Ice Plunge

Your Path to Invigoration and Resilience

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Step into our sauna and let the heat therapy work its magic. Unwind, detox, and rejuvenate. Saunas can boost your cardiovascular performance, help you sleep better, cleanse your skin, and even assist in recovery after intense physical activity.
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Ice Plunge

Brace yourself for the thrill of the chill. The ice plunge improves circulation, accelerates muscle recovery, boosts your immune system, and even enhances your mood. It's the perfect antidote to the heat, a rush of pure invigoration that will leave you refreshed and revitalized.
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Your Arena for Strength, Sweat, and Soulful Connections

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Squatch Frontier Fitnes class schedule Wednesday


5:30pm | Full Body Circuit Training and Core Work | Coach Rachel
Squatch Frontier Fitnes class schedule Tuesday


6am | Full Body HIIT | Coach Ken
5:30pm | Full Body Strength, Conditioning and Mobility | Coach Mallorie
Squatch Frontier Fitnes class schedule Wednesday


6am | Full Body Physical Education | Coach Ariana
5:30pm | Primal Groundwork, KB, Mace and Clubs | Coach Kourtni
6:45pm | Vinyasa Yoga | Coach Nick
Squatch Frontier Fitnes class schedule Thursday


6am | Full Body HIIT | Coach Ken
4pm | Booty Bootcamp | Coach Rachel
5:30pm | Somatic Activation | Coach Meg
Squatch Frontier Fitnes class schedule Friday


6am | Vinyasa Yoga | Coach Nick
5:30pm | Full Body HIIT | Coach Ken
Squatch Frontier Fitnes class schedule Saturday


Once a month, we have a community workout.

Get more value from your gym membership

Squatch Frontier Fitness isn't just about physical wellness, it's about experiencing a full circle of lifestyle benefits. Enjoy 'Squatch Perks', a world of discounts, exclusive events, and partnerships with local businesses. Elevate your lifestyle with us—because you're not just a member, you're part of the Squatch Community!"
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