About Coach Kourtni

I'm Kourtni Mason, a dedicated personal trainer specializing in kettlebells, animal flow,and knees over toes concepts. My mission is to help individuals boost their bodyconfidence and feel at ease in the gym. I believe that everyone has a unique way ofmoving and that's why I take a personalized approach to training.When it comes to workouts, I love infusing fun and creativity while maintainingconsistency. I'm always excited to be innovative with my tools, programs, and coachingstyle. After all, I firmly believe that training should never be monotonous.I offer a variety of services to cater to individual needs, including traditional andfunctional assessments. While I value the importance of mastering basics andfundamentals, my true passion lies in incorporating functional patterns into myprograms. It's about finding movements that work best for your body.My training philosophy revolves around the idea that "Every BODY is different, not everyBODY moves the same." I'm all about making workouts enjoyable and diverse to ensurelong-term progress. With me, you can expect a training experience that combinesexpertise, creativity, and consistency.Join me on this fitness journey, and together, we'll strive for your goals, embrace ahealthier lifestyle, and unlock your full potential. Let's make every workout a celebrationof your unique body and movement!Contact Email: Mettlesomemovement@outlook.comInstagram: @Kourtni.Mason